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A glass of bubbly with the girls? Yes please!

There is no denying that when women get together with their girlfriends, there is more than likely going to be glasses of something delicious. That something delicious is probably going to have tiny little bubbles in it. Champagne and sparkling wine have been the tipple of choice for women for decades and at Exigeante, we’ve always been curious as to the reasons behind this. Well, we’ve come up with a few potential answers…

Movies and advertising campaigns have romanticised it for years

Copyright Emily in Paris

Think of your favourite romantic comedy, featuring a group of fun, sassy women. We guarantee that there is at least one scene in it where they’re all sitting around laughing with slim glasses of bubbly in their hands. Now think about the last sultry advert that you saw for a sensual new scent or designer make-up range. Was there a beautiful, glamorous woman in a stunning dress in it? I’m thinking she was probably drinking a glass of bubbly too.

Sparkling wine has long been depicted as the drink of choice for gorgeous, successful and happy women. Whether we were conscious of it or not, there’s no doubt that we’ve absorbed some of that message and attached an aspirational vibe to the act of drinking bubbly!

Sparkling wine is associated with luxury and celebration

There is something indulgent about enjoying a glass of sparkling wine. It feels sophisticated when the sweet, zesty bubbles pass our lips and we can almost imagine ourselves on a balcony with a breath-taking panoramic twilight view of the city. As women, we love taking time for ourselves in a luxurious setting and the decadent nature of sparkling wine transports us there. Of course, sparkling wine is also associated with celebrations. An opportunity to celebrate our own or our friends’ achievements? We’re there!

The colors of sparkling wine appeal to feminine tastes

Sparkling wine is often a lovely, shimmering gold or even sometimes a beautiful rose color. This is the exact color palette that is used for all things that are marketed to women. In particular, rose gold tones are having a real moment right now. We see it in our fashion, our accessories, our interior design. These warm, dusky colors look expensive and they appeal to women with big dreams and the determination to achieve them -Exigeante women.

Sparkling wine is often served in beautiful, delicate glasses

Even the glasses that are usually used to hold sparkling wine have a femininity about them. A sparkling wine glass is chic and classy. It easily fits into a woman’s hand and purse, making it the perfect size to carry around at a party or in a cocktail bar. Watching those little bubbles pop and fizz on the surface of the sleek, shiny glass is so much fun and adds an overall feeling of joy to any evening!

It gets you tipsy quickly making sparkling wine a very cost-effective party drink

There is something about those tiny bubbles that enter your bloodstream really quickly and you certainly feel the effects after just a couple of glasses. Of course, this means that you can have a great time without spending a lot of money on drink after drink. Getting tipsy often leads to giggling and unbridled joy and there are very few things that women love more than laughing and having fun!

Sparkling wine, particularly French sparkling wine, is blessed with a sophistication, a charm and a certain personality that speaks to the unapologetic, successful woman. It’s no wonder that we absolutely adore it!

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