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Picture it -you’ve just arrived in the beautiful city of Paris, ready for fun and flirtation.


Episode 1 ~ Girls meet Boys in Montmartre

Kick things off against the stunning, majestic backdrop of the Palais Royal, before wandering to the quirky streets of Montmartre for a bit of romance and finishing things off at the one and only Tour Eiffel.

Episode 2 ~ Cakes & Cuddles

No trip to Paris is complete without a patisserie stop and of course, a big delicious bottle of low sugar Exigeante is the perfect companion.

Cute cakes may be more than enough sugar but Exigeante is still here for you. At just 85 calories per glass, you’d be crazy not to indulge in those tiny fruity bubbles!

Episode 3~ Femme Fatale🌹

Of course, Paris is the city of love, so be prepared for things to get a little steamy. The Exigeante Brut is sexy, seductive and wonderfully celebratory -ideal for your hot Parisian date!

À suivre, to be continued...

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