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Who is Exigeante?

The Story behind the Bubbles

Exigeante is the brainchild of French-born Claire Vidal, a passionate entrepreneur, world traveler, and champagne lover. Claire’s first business venture was a brand of luxury insoles that allowed women to wear high heels with comfort and confidence. It enjoyed international success and ignited Claire’s passion for entrepreneurship and living life to the fullest.  

Claire always dreamed of living in the US and she currently lives in Los Angeles. She loves hosting events for female entrepreneurs and go-getters -one of the most notable being the exclusive ‘Healing Power of Champagne’ monthly event. This event offers a safe space for women to share their ideas and struggles, one glass of bubbly at a time.

When Claire met wine expert Jérôme at Vinexpo in Bordeaux, they started a friendship that resulted in Exigeante coming to life in 2021, as a celebration of empowered women everywhere.

Don't Let Anyone Dim Your Sparkle

From running highly successful businesses, coming up with important innovative solutions, and raising families of empowered daughters all over the world, empowered women rule the world!


 It’s these women who inspire and encapsulate everything that Exigeante stands for.

Exigeante’s bubbles are here to remind women to be completely and unapologetically themselves.



Exigeante by Essence

Armed with creativity and passion, Claire can usually be found with a glass of something bubbly in her hand, celebrating life and plotting her new business adventures from her secret base in Los Angeles. Playful and determined, Claire created Exigeante for women who want a taste of the French lifestyle and to feel empowered to be unapologetically themselves, without compromise. The Exigeante woman is sassy, bold, and fun to be around -just like you!



The Bubble Expert

Although he may look serious in his photo, Jérôme is known for his happy mischievous nature within the French wine industry. He grew up in Epernay, the capital of the Champagne region of France and it’s fair to say that bubbles flow through his veins. He has a true, ardent passion for producing the best sparkling wines in the world. With Exigeante, he has struck the perfect balance of fruitiness, freshness, sweetness and acidity -the perfect wine translation of a sassy, unapologetic Exigeante woman!

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