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Claire launched the Healing Power of Champagne™ events in 2016 in Los Angeles to gather women, to share and celebrate their journey in life through uplifting and empowering activities (sharing circle, talks, coaching...) combined with sparkling wine/champagne🥂

A little bit of French History…

In France, classy ladies in Versailles used to spend time in places called boudoirs. They would discuss personal matters and intriguing topics amongst themselves privately. With this tradition in mind, Claire launched the first The Healing Power of Champagne event in 2016 at her home in Los Angeles. 

What is this event about?

The Healing Power of Champagne events gather women together to share and celebrate their journey in life, share self-care practices, and generally encourage each other to be unapologetically themselves.
It is a three-hour event that aims to connect women, provide a space to share inspiring stories, and create a supportive, friendly community, all while healing each other with Claire’s own sparkling wine brand Exigeante!

The events are currently organized in the westside LA region, Colorado, Wisconsin and soon other states. 

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