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I help women go after their dreams, unapologetically, so they can come alive and reconnect with their true selves.

Bonjour, bonjour!


I am Claire, a passionate and creative French entrepreneur living in LA.

I have moved countries and continents many times in my life. I have launched several innovative businesses (even my own brand of champagne!) and fulfilled my dream to live a life of freedom and purpose where I feel completely myself. All of this has given me a unique perspective on life!

I used to fit in with what society expected of me and followed other people’s rules before I created my own.

In my twenties, I had a very traditional life (a picket-fenced place with a husband, a corporate job and a cute dog), until I completely reset my life in my 30s.

Here are a few highlights of what I have achieved since then:

  • I have moved countries and continents several times -my latest move involved realizing my dream to live in LA on the Venice Canals


  • When I was 30, I went back to school to get an MBA from INSEAD; one of the top business schools in the world.

  • I launched my first start-up in the fashion industry after 12 years in the corporate world -I invented and patented a new insole for high heels.

  • My first client was the largest department store in the world. I was the only start-up of insoles, who had a booth next to a major luxury brand. I stayed there for six years with a staff of just two.

  • I was on French TV Shark Tank and interviewed on Business channels about my business.

  • I raised money with investors.

  • In that process, I was awarded the most prestigious visa that allowed me to emigrate in the US.

  • For most of my life, I was disconnected from my body and only started to be physically active in my 30s. I now run a 5K regularly and love hiking.

  • Recently during COVID, I created my own brand of champagne from scratch and have just launched it!


…the list could go on.

I am not sharing all this to brag or to be acknowledged.


I want you to feel how much fun it is to live a life that is full of purpose and passion.


Because you can do it too!

Now in my 40’s, I am determined to bring joy and optimism to people’s lives, particularly women. Whether it is through my coaching, my online courses or my brand of French sparkling wine!

Too often we are taught to fit in, to be quiet and to not be ‘too much’. That’s why I have named my brand of sparkling wine ‘Exigeante’ (translating to ‘demanding’ in English), because we have to embrace the ambition that we have in our heart and in our guts.


Would you like to work privately with me?

You deserve my full attention to help you transform your life

and go after your dreams.

I have been there and I can help you succeed.

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