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Be Unapologetically You

We created Exigeante for women who don't feel they have to apologize for who they are!

Exigeante translates from French as ‘demanding’, a word that every empowered woman will have heard more than once in her life 😉 Exigeante is therefore a wink to every woman who has ever been called bossy or demanding.💃


Celebrate who you are, one glass of Exigeante at a time🥂


The Exigeante Woman

Focused and passionate, the Exigeante woman lives her life without fear or compromise. She runs after her dreams and won’t stop until they come true. She is confident that her path will lead her to somewhere fun and unexpected... one glass of bubbly at the time. ⁠🥂


Hear some Exigeante Women say it in style in the gallery below:

The Magic Bubbles



Born in the Southwest of France, Exigeante provides a crisp, fruity and refreshing experience filled with tiny bubbles that are bursting with aromas and flavors of mango, passionfruit, and citrus


Each bottle of Exigeante contains a secret message for your eyes only, giving you inspiration for your day! 

Peel open the foil and take in its wisdom😉


By an Exigeante

Exigeante is the brainchild of French-born Claire Vidal, a passionate entrepreneur, world traveler, and Champagne lover...and of course, an Exigeante woman 😉


Created by our in-house Bubble Expert Jérôme Barret, a renowned international wine consultant.
With Exigeante he created the perfect balance of fruitiness, freshness, sweetness, and acidity

Picture it -you’ve just arrived in the beautiful city of Paris, ready for fun and flirtation.


Kick things off against the stunning, majestic backdrop of the Palais Royal, before wandering to the quirky streets of Montmartre for a bit of romance and finishing things off at the one and only Tour Eiffel.


Are you an Exigeante woman?
Come on board!